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Tiramisu Crowned Jewel Minaudiere

Tiramisu Crowned Jewel Minaudiere

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Embrace the epitome of elegance with this exquisite pink pearl minaudière. The luxurious resin body, awash in delicate pink hues, is gracefully adorned with intricate gold filigree work. Vibrant gemstones in a palette of jewel tones and delicate gold tassels cascade from the ornate centerpiece, making this minaudière a true statement piece. Perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to any evening ensemble.


Luxurious pink pearl resin body                                                                                Intricate gold filigree embellishments                                                                          Vibrant gemstones in a spectrum of jewel tones                                                        Delicate gold tassels cascading from the centerpiece                                                    Exquisite statement piece                                                                                         Designed for evening wear and special occasions


Material: High Quality Resin
Adornments: Gold filigree work with vibrant gemstones and gold tassels
Interior Design Details: Fully lined suede interior, slip pocket                                        Dimensions: 7.87in x 4.33in x 1.50in
Closure: Magnetic clasp 

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