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Tiramisu Luminous Noir Minauderie

Tiramisu Luminous Noir Minauderie

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Illuminate your evening ensemble with the Luminous Noir Mianuderie, an epitome of modern elegance and sophistication. This luxurious minaudiere features a sleek black resin body, beautifully contrasted by an artfully crafted handle encrusted with shimmering crystals. The architectural design of the handle not only adds a touch of avant-garde flair but also provides a comfortable grip, making it a perfect accessory for any upscale event. Let the Luminous Noir Clutch be the dazzling focal point of your outfit, exuding confidence and style.


Glossy black body juxtaposed with a radiant crystal-encrusted handle.
Unique handle structure that adds a modern twist to classic elegance.                              Exquisite detailing that showcases fine craftsmanship.                                               
Blends luxury and contemporary design effortlessly.                                                        Sleek and modern rectangular shape.                                                                        Secure magnetic closure                                                                                                  Ideal for high-profile events 


Material: High-quality resin body with crystal embellishments.                                   Strap: Detachable chain strap for versatile carry
Interior Design Details: Fully lined suede interior, slip pocket                                          Closure: Magnetic clasp                                                                                             Dimensions: 7.87in x 4.33in x 1.50in

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